Dirk was born in Antwerp on the 28th of August 1969. At the age of six he started with the guitar.
He came at first in contact with jazz at the age of 12. This was in a restaurant in Antwerp. At the same time, he played already the first notes on the piano. Now, Dirk plays guitar, Hammond organ, piano as well he’s a composer, producer and a music teacher.


Even though he’s a completely self-taught musician, he teaches jazz guitar and piano at “Muziek Athelier Merelbeke” aswell he teach Hammond organ at the Consevarory of Ghent

In 1989 he became a professional musician. In that time, he played as a musician in several theater projects as “Blauwe Maandag Compagnie”, KVS, KJT etc.


Now Dirk plays in different bands:
“Swing Dealers” (on piano)
“Peter Vandendriessche Qwartet” (on piano)
“Chris Peeters Band” (piano and Hammond organ)
“Dirk Van der Linden Trio” (on Hammond organ)
“Lauren’s B” (on guitar)
“Four with Two” (on piano and guitar)
Very often he’s been asked to play with other jazzformations as a guest.
For example with the German band “Lothar-Krist B Trio (on guitar).
Exept jazz he also works with other styles of music… for example “Compagnons de la Chanson” (on piano)

Dirk works a lot for TV and radio in Belgium and other countrys.

He plays concerts in country’s as Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Italy, England, Wales, Schotland, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Dubai, South Africa, Guadeloupe, Morocco, at Ibiza, New-Zealand and USA.


He worked with giants as Clark Terry, Red Holloway, Deborah Brown, Mark Braud, Charlie Gabriel, Teddy Edwards,  Gianni Basso, Steve Houben, Bruce Adams, Leroy Jones, Howard Alden, Scott Hamilton, Bob Barnard, Dan Barrett, Tom Baker,  Jim Galloway, Bob DeVos, Bob Mover, Gary Smylian, Mighty flea Conners, Jean Michel Cabrol, Big Al Carsson, Partick Artero, Bert Boeren, Denise Gordon, Mariana Tootsie, Stephan Holstein, Andy Cooper, Jon Barnes, Andy Mackintosch and many others.


Dirk plays the Hammond XK5 with the Leslie 3300 or the Hammond SK2 with the Leslie 3300.